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Universal Data Import

Import your manufacturing test data into Tequra Analytics


LabVIEW is a graphical programming language from National Instruments which is well adopted in the test and measurement industry. One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide range of instrumentation that has driver support for LabVIEW.

The LabVIEW API for Tequra Analytics enables you to easily integrate your software with test data management and analytics functionality. For more information on the LabVIEW API please contact us.

More about LabVIEW

NI TestStand

TestStand is a leading test management software environment from National Instruments, which can be found in a number of top manufacturers. Features such as its sequence build capabilities enable test solutions to be rapidly developed and deployed.

Tequra Analytics can seamlessly import your TestStand results without any code changes, as it can read-in standard CSV,HTML and XML report outputs. For tighter integration the Tequra Framework process model enables a wealth of extended functionality.

More about TestStand

Microsoft .NET

Tequra Analytics is built on .NET technology and therefore has a .NET based API available. You can integrate Tequra Analytics connectivity into software build on any development platform which supports .NET calls.

web api


We provide access to Tequra Analytics using a standards-compliant Web API. This allows you to seamlessly integrate test data management and analytics into any application which can act as an HTTP client. Typical use cases include scripting languages such as Python and custom web applications using jQuery.

Test Executives

Are you using one of the many alternatives to NI TestStand on the market to perform your automated test operations? Has your organisation developed its own custom test executive for internal use?

If the answer is yes to one of these questions, you can still get all the great benefits of Tequra Analytics. Please contact us to discuss your integration requirements.

Data File Import

If you have test data log files of a standard or custom format, we can provide you with a tool to import them. Please contact us for more information on our data import services.

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