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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to common questions on Tequra Analytics

30-Day Free Trial

What happens when I sign-up for a free trial?

1) One of representatives will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide a web demo of Tequra Analytics.

2) They will supply you with our ‘quick-start guide’ and a login to the Tequra Analytics demo server.

3) For 30-days you are free to try-out all the features of Tequra Analytics using our mobile phone test demo data.

4) If you have any questions during the 30-days, contact our representatives for assistance .

What does the free trial consist of?

We’ll give you 30-days of access to the standard cloud solution, to enable you to experience the benefits of Tequra Analytics. The functionality and appearance of the cloud and on-premise solutions are the same, so your final experience will always closely match the trial.

Can I use my own data in the free trial?

The free trial has a set of test data supplied with it, which will enable you to try out all the features of Tequra Analytics. If you would like to see of demonstration using your own test data, please contact us.

What test data is available in the trial?

Simplicity AI supply a pre-installed set of manufacturing test data with the free trial, so you can start trying out the features of Tequra Analytics right away.


Does Tequra Analytics have X feature?

If you cannot find any information about a feature you need, please get in touch. Our product experts will be able to advise you on what is included.

What if I need a feature that Tequra Analytics doesn't have?

We have designed Tequra Analytics to enable plug-in of custom features. Our development team can design and build custom features that are tailored to your needs.

Data Import

What data sources are supported by Tequra Analytics?

Tequra Analytics supports import through LabVIEW, TestStand, .NET and web APIs. It can read in CSV, HTML and XML files. For full details visit our data import page.

If you have another data source you want to connect to Tequra Analytics, please contact us, as we can most likely support it.

Can I import my existing test data?

Yes, with Tequra Analytics you can do this. By bringing in your historic data you can start getting a great return on investment right-away.

Cloud Solution

Is the cloud solution for me?

The cloud solution can be rapidly deployed enabling you to start getting the benefits from Tequra Analytics right-away. It doesn’t require a large initial investment in software licensing or IT infrastructure and is well suited for both small and large manufacturing organizations.

Where is my data located?

Your data can be located in secure data centres in sites across the US, Europe or South-East Asia. When you purchase the cloud solution we can set it up at your preferred location.

On-Premise Solution

Is the on-premise solution for me?

The on-premise solution ensures that Tequra Analytics and the data it holds is tightly controlled by your organisation. If you are in the defence industry, or hold commercially sensitive data, this option may be best for you. The on-premise solution is well suited for larger manufacturing organizations with their own IT infrastructure and personnel.

How is the on-premise solution provided?

As standard the  on-premise solution is supplied as a self-installed software-only package. You can optionally choose to have one of our engineers install it for you, or have a fully configured hardware appliance supplied.

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