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Discover our downloadable documents on Tequra Analytics

How to Improve Quality and Efficiency
Using Test Data Analytics

Discover 8-ways you can use test data analytics to improve your processes by downloading our whitepaper for advanced manufacturers.

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Tequra Analytics Presentation

Our short presentation concisely describes the features and benefits of Tequra Analytics. Learn how it can integrate with your existing processes, the different hosting options and about our support offering.

To see the presentation, sign-up for a free trial. One of our consulting team will be in touch, to deliver the presentation and demonstrate Tequra Analytics, prior to activating your trial.

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Harness to Power of your
Manufacturing Test Data

Our PDF brochure provides a quick overview on the features and benefits of Tequra Analytics. Why not email it to a colleague or print-out for a meeting?

Download Brochure

Tequra Analytics Quick Start User Guide

We provide a simple guide so you can start gaining the benefits of Tequra Analytics right-away. Why not sign-up for a trial of Tequra Analytics? You’ll receive a copy of the ‘Quick Start Guide’ and be able to test-drive Tequra Analytics for free.

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