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We’ve listened to comments from users and reviewed our features. Now we’re pleased to present a range of enhancements to the Tequra Analytics product.

Yield Dashboard

Yield Dashboard

Get an even clearer overview of product testing with the new pie-chart view. As before the dashboard shows manufacturing success at-a-glance, with details displayed by hovering over parts of each pie-chart.

Measurement Trend

Measurement Trend

Navigate aggregated measurement trends with even more ease. Enhanced overview display, gird-lines, zooming and drill down into results are now provided.

Results Histogram

Results Histogram

The histogram of aggregated measurement values is now even clearer, with our smooth fit line.

DPMO: Defects Per Million Opportunities


Now get DPMO calculations alone side Cpk and Ppk.

Waveform Display


A few Pan and Zoom tweaks make our waveform display easier to use.

Data Export


Most data can be exported to Microsoft Excel in a single click now. Just look for the ‘Export to Excel’ button.

Failure Pareto


With better filter options and a clearer to read graph display, Pareto analysis is even more powerful.

Future Improvements

Not found the feature enhancement you require? Why not Contact Us with what you’re looking for?

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